Wednesday, 3 July 2013

The Spanish in Me

Lately I have been taking a lot of inspiration from everything around me. The previous look was inspired by the *fresh green nature*. This time though, it’s a tad bit different.
Spain is known for its history, monuments, culture, tourism, tomatina festival, bull fights, food, football and Senorita! I have always admired Spain.
Since I haven't yet got a chance to visit the magical country physically, I decided to live a tiny bit of it in my own country itself. So, what did I do?

See the pictures and guess for yourself!

A spinach salad with goat cheese
inspires my bright green eye make-up with white lined lower lid (Lakme)

 Tomato based cold soup 
Served with a "puchka" on top, the presentation inspired my golden lined lips filled with mandarin red.

Traditional Spanish Rice dish cooked with Seafood.
The fresh mix of colours on the plate inspired the floral printed dress I'm wearing.

Fillet of Beef
the texture, the brown sauce and the green tender bamboo shoots are the perfect inspiration for meaty looking legs!

The good people at Fashion Most Wanted invited me to this heavenly place for a Spanish food tasting session.

All drooling now, aren’t you? So, the next time u want to give your taste buds a surprise treat, head to POCO LOCO, Mumbai for some authentic Spanish Cuisine! The restaurant being small and cozy, it does give you a warm and homely feeling with everything happening right in front of your eyes. If needed, the chef himself comes down to your table to help you decide what to order.
My favourite - The gazpacho soup and paella. And yes! The sangrias. They are simply delicious!                

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Love N Luck

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Indian Lace


Sari is no doubt considered the most gracious drape in the world. But what do you think of the everyday Indian wear - Kurti? A one-piece Indian "dress" :D

Its the most comfortable everyday wear for Indians. But it need not be boring always! Prep it up with some statement pieces and you get results that leave you grinning and you looking stunning!

This was what I wore to college for an evening concert.

I dint want to take away all the attention from the electic blue kurti. But at the same time, I dint want myself to look like an ocean :D
So, I accessorized the look with this simple chunky neckpiece from tribal zone and this Arabian motif ring from Bangalore.

These pretty blue shoes are a gift from an old friend from Bangkok. As for the lace leggings, its from Splash!

Zari embroidery on the hem of the kurti.
( PS-I tailor-made this kurti with a blouse piece :D )

I used blue shadow on my upper lids and used black gel liner for a winged look from maybelline.

A hint of reddish-brown blush from lakme on my cheeks for that evening look.

And it was a beautiful windy evening!

So next time its a family function, you know how to turn heads ;)
Let me know what you think of this look.