Friday, 4 January 2013

Sun rise n Sun set.

Sunsets are one of nature's best acts- *visually*. For any photographer, professional or amateur, sunsets are a popular and favorite subject to shoot. Though the lighting makes it a little challenging but the resulting images can be stunning. 
Sunsets have been a source of inspiration to many form of arts and artists. Lot of us, including myself, love to just sit and watch the Sun set. It is like a moment to look into the inner self, or something much above that. Something like DIVINE ? 
And I bet all of you have fond memories related to sunsets!

Here I am showcasing some of my sunset photographs, hope it brings some of your memories ALIVE :)

Sunset, at Om Beach, Gokarna 

Shot this when I stepped out of my college classroom after a boring lecture. This view brought back the freshness on my face after that 1hr of boredom. :)

Hide and Seek.

The BATMAN Returns.

Cloud Play

Ray Burst, at Kudle Beach-Gokarna

Gateway to Paradise.


Sunset at Gokarna.

Just the 2 of us.

Hope you enjoyed going through these photographs.
I am sure you will also have your story of SUNSET(s). Write about it below and let the world know your story.

A detailed tutorial on Sunset Photography will be up soon, hope it may help some fellow photographers. Stay Tuned .

I Would love to hear from you.  

- Abhilash LR

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